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Story of Love Expression with Valentines Colors

1/26/20 5:43 PM

Beautiful Story of Valentine Red Color:

Whenever we are thinking about love, the first color comes to our mind is Red, since red signify the passion of love, it is also related to the expression of deep love. The Red color symbolizes the romantic relationship which having intense love in the love bird life.

Most of the woman wears red on the Valentine’s Day as the color makes them look more attractive. We at 1800GiftPortal have plenty of red gifts, red roses, red teddy bears and load of gift items with red color which symbolizes the passion for love.

Red Color Flowers for Valentine’s

Beautiful Pink for Friends & Family:

Pink color symbolizes the love in a very beautiful manner, the sweetness in relationship, the affections for each other, the grace, gentility and admiration for your partners. The light pink color shows more innocence to your partner and hence on valentines most of the loves birds choose to be go with pink color.

Pink Color Flowers for Valentine’s

The dark pink color shows more gratitude, appreciation for one another and thankfulness. Since Valentines is not only for couples, it is for friends and family too, so the pink color are the best suitable for such colors.

Peaceful white Color: “I am the one for you”

White color is for purity and true love. So, for Valentines it symbolizes the pure and gentle love for your partners. Sometimes, it also shows that “I am reserved only for you”. White color is truly amazing since it show a great charm and youthfulness in your relationship.

White Color Flowers for Valentine’s


Though yellow color is for broke up in love relationship, many consider this colors as new beginning in their life. Color also symbolizes for friendship, gladness & joy.

Yellow Color Flowers for Valentine’s

Yellow color with Red:

Yellow with red color are those who are just falling in love each other. It is a color of friendship, grace and joy.

Red and white together:

Red color symbolizes the passion for love whereas white symbolizes the peace and purity; combination of both is the beautiful expression of love for partners.

In this 2020 valentine’s season, express your love in your own style.